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Aleta 25

Aleta 25
On my Birthday!

Worn Out!

Worn Out!
after pushing the car....okay it may have been slightly exaggerated....(explanation of car in July 18th letter)

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
Look at what I Got! Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Monday, January 17, 2011

another week here and gone‏

Dear family,
Well thanks for the letters they are always great.
Betsy I like both, good job and tough decision with the names.
Well this is going to be kind of short. My computer just shut down, so now i have to do it all over again. To do Internet we come to a little place across the street from the train station. There are a lot of computers and each one has a number. Well the person at the desk tells you what number to go to and turns it on , then you get charged for how ever long you are on the computer.Well when you are done you tell them what number is yours and they turn it off. WELL, somebody got the number mixed up. For some reason they thought that they were number 4, but really they were number 8 and I was number 4. So Mine got turned off in stead. Oh thus is life, it does keep things interesting though.
So dad, no i haven´t gone to the museum, it´s closed Mondays, but yes I´ve seen the outside, pretty cool architecture. Oh and yes Portas de frutas in very much like a huge flea market slash arts festival. It´s only open on the weekends though, oh and holidays, so I did go once with my other companion it was a lot of fun.
Somebody tell Alex that Argentina is amazing and he is so lucky to come here! Good luck in the MTC and enjoy it.
Jack, I really liked your letter today.
Mom I really like the quote. Thanks a lot. Hopefully I can get the package soon. Maybe tomorrow!
This week was very good. We had three investigators with baptismal dates last week, but only one came to church. This seems to still be one of our biggest hurdles. One of our investigators Agustina, is really good and she has a strong desire to follow the Lord and be baptised, she knows that it is true. She just doesn´t want to move on with out her husband, well they still need to get married. She has come to church a couple of times and once with him, Gustavo. She feels that it is just not he same with out him. So this week we are working a lot more with him. In the beginning he was really interested and wanted to change, for himself and for his family. then out of the blue he didn´t want to listen anymore. We have yet to find out what really happened. Hopefully we will be able to get to the heart of things this week and help them progress and come closer to the Lord.
Also we have an investigator, Luz Maria, she is 19 and very sweet. She can´t read though, and that does make things a little more difficult. We are taking things slow and trying to make sure that she understands everything. She has some kind of learning disorder, but really wants to learn about the gospel. So we are trying to not overwhelm her with information and we need to repeat and go over everything a few times so that she retains it. She came to church yesterday and really like it.
All in all things are going well here in Tigre. We are starting to see some of the fruits of our labor. I feel like the Lord has a lot of wonderful things in store for Tigre.

Well that´s it, that´s all folks, ´till next week
bye, or as they say in Argentina, Chao!
I love you all SO MUCH.

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