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Aleta 25

Aleta 25
On my Birthday!

Worn Out!

Worn Out!
after pushing the car....okay it may have been slightly exaggerated....(explanation of car in July 18th letter)

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
Look at what I Got! Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello dearest family and friends,
This has been a very busy week. Thank you so much for the emails,
sounds like there is never a dull moment. Thank Brother Thurmond too,
I really liked the card/message that he sent. Dad, hang in there, I´m
glad you´ve got a good attitude abot everything. Mom, thanks for the
updates, you´re great. Aunt janie, sounds like you had fun on the
coast, I remember when we went, you do cook well, so I´m not at all
suprised that the staff remembered you ;)
So this last week we had a great training meeting with President. We
talked a lot about how we can work more effectively with the ward to
help our investigators to come to church, we must have done something
right, we had 4 at church this week Yeah. Two of them are so great
they are really good friends and are progressing and both have
baptismal dates in a few weeks, so we´ll keep working with them and
the ward to help them get intergated. That really is one of the
biggest reasons people stop coming to church, lack of friends and
feeling like an outsider, so if the Elders ever ask you to do
something, just do it, they spend a long time praying and seeking
inspiration and sometimes the answer is you. Hey and even better,
don´t wait to be asked, I hear there are three elders now, just one
more to help all of you in the missionary work isn´t that great!
Okay, I´ll get down off the soapbox now. sorry.
In other news this week is not nearly as hot as last week , it´s raing
today, yeah, that´s good too because yesterday was like a sauna,
really humid and in the high 90´s, yuck.
okay umm I don´t have too much more to say, Oh somebody give Brittney
a hug for me. Oh and happy belated Bday Jackie, oh and somebody tell
uncle Doug crongrats too.
Alright that´s it for this week, stay tuned for the continuing
adventures of Aleta in Argentina.

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