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Aleta 25
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Worn Out!
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Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

the real week 2 ‏ 8/20/2010

Dear family and friends,

So I realized that I labeled last week's email week two when really I had only been here a week. So I hope that is not confusing. Hey could someone tell Brittany and Jenna that the rule of skirt lengths has changed. They only need to come below your knee when sitting. So jenna who is going to a hot palce might like to know that if she doesn't already, oh and there is no longer a requirement to wear nylons!!!! That is awesome and it's world wide.

Okay so this week just flew by. So funny story this week is the PA system. From the front desk they can just call any room in our residence hall. The voice comes over the speaker in the ceiling. The first time it happened was really funny. It's awesome cause it's a two way intercom so you just speak and they can hear you. cool...and creepy.

Spanish is coming along. We learned how to pray like the first day. How to bare our testimonies the second. Then it's just kinda up to us how much vocab we pick up. We have learned most of the verb tenses now and french is starting to help as we learn how to structure sentances. The first two weeks though.... I keep saying what I know in Spanish and then instead of using an english word for the ones I don't know, I stick in french, so then people REALLY don't know what I'm saying.
Oh thank you everyone for the letters, I feel loved. Dear is so awesome! Mom, don't worry about forwarding Heidi's letters.
I saw Chris Chord finally, yesterday actually as I was leaving breakfast. I told him to tell everyone Hi. Oh and yeah I was going to tell you that Hailey Radford is my next door neighbor. She is heading out to Tacoma of all places, so she's excited and she knows she likes it there.
One of the elders in my district was sent donuts the other day. Apparently there is something like MTC, where you buy it on line and they go out and pick it up. Crazy huh? Ummm, what else...Oh Thankyou for my package mom, everything is great. Thank you to Dawnstarr as well, the munchies are great.
Our district played softball for gym yesterday and that was really fun, It's one of the games we can do WITH the Elders so that was fun. I hit the ball everytime, I've just got to work on not making them line drives. It's kind of stinks when the pitcher is 6 foot and just reaches out and grabs it. I did make it home once though!
I have met so many nice peeople here. The other day two people came up and bore their testimonies to us in English, one was from Italy and the other Mexico. They sounded great for not knowing any english two weeks ago.
So our best friends here, District 44B, Iam in 44A, left this week to go to Chile! lame, for us, but awesome for them. Before they left they showed us their "secret Sunday room" which is a class room in the basement of our building that isn't used on Sundays, so we were able to play the piano and watch a few videos on That was fun and now we know about the room, it's way less busy than our classroom. Oh I ment to tell you we have more Sisters!!!! So the new district has 4 sisters in it, so now there are 7 girls and arround 50 elders at church, much better than the 3 of us before. For relief society our speaker was Virgina H Pearce who is Pres. Hinkleys daughter, she was awesome. Okay That's about all I got. I'am already 15 minutes late for dinner. Love you all, miss you all.
Mom, if there are any bad typos can you fix them before forwarding, I don't have time to read back through.

Love you,

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