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Aleta 25
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Worn Out!

Worn Out!
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Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

week 5, check ‏ 9/04/2010

Dear family,
Okay so another week has flown buy. Crazy. I'm over half way through here weird. Our goal of teaching 40 lessons this week is doing good, we are at 32 and we have all of them planned. If no one cancels on us we will be at 44 by tomorrow night. It's pretty exciting. No, I have not found Brittany yet. I looked all over for her on Wednesday, but then I had to go to lunch during the time she must have got here. lame. I think she must have a different meal time than me 'cause I have yet to find her. At least I will see her on Sunday for sure, since all the sisters in the MTC meet together for Relief Society.
Okay so YEAH! for Scott and Betsy, I had a feeling I'd be getting news like that sometime soon.
Okay Mom, so you have asked about the plaque several times now, and sorry it keeps getting pushed down the list of important things to tell you. So Yes, I know that there are two. I gave a different picture and scripture to each ward. the close up picture with the yellow sweater should have gone to the singles ward with I think Alma 26:16, then the other one and Alma 26:12 should have gone to the family ward. So I hope that helps some.
Okay so thank you so much to Mom, Dad, Sister Deighton, and Tamsin for your letters! Tamsin I'm glad you were able to have fun while writing me that letter. I read the part about Abbey and Travis out loud to my district, there were several laughs. So thanks.They were awesome and much appreciated. It's nice to know I'm still loved down here in Utah!
So lets see.... OH great story this week. So on Sunday nights we get to watch videos. So we can choose between some talks from Genereal Authorities and church films like The Testaments, Legacy, the Joseph Smith one. Any way so on Sunday we watched Legacy. Let me tell you there is nothing as entertaining as watching a church version of a pioneer love story with 2000 Elders. It was hilarious. Lots of "wait what are they doing....I don't think they are allowed to hold hands...." and comments like that. Oh and a lot of laughter. I hope you can imagine that. It was great.
We had a lesson on Tuesday about the Holy Ghost. It was so great, I took a lot of notes. I'm always so amazed at what God can do with you when you have the spirit to lead you. Several times this week while teaching we had a lot of missionaries tell us that that was just what they need to hear, or that was something they never would have thought of. It is really cool, and humbling, to be led by the Lord.
As far as anything in my room goes...just box it up. It doesn't have to be great, just stick it somewhere safe. Oh and mom, how is the car coming? Any bites yet? Did you get any work done on it? Just do what ever you feel is needed.
Oh and the language is SLOWLY coming. Every lesson we have taught this week has been in Spanish. So that's been a bit of a challenge for us. I'm glad that our teachers chose to do this to us this week though, a lot of districts don't have their teaching week till their very last week. We have one then too. Hopefully we'll be better by then though, and kinda ready for the natives....I hope so anyway.
As for things to send if you feel so inclind Mom, this is kinda random, but a set of fun colored expo markers the thick ones. The elders in my district really like drawing on the board and it would be fun for them. Also if you find any cute jacket/blazer thing. I feel a little out of place when I want to ware some sort of jacket and all the elders have their suits on and I've got nothin. If you don't find anything cute, that's okay too I've survived this long. I think I'm good on candy...but any other thing like yummy home made cookies would be appreciated. Ummm, I know there was something else, but I don't remember so I guess it will wait till next week.

I love you all, and think of you often. I hope every one is good. Hi to every one in the singles ward and Anacortes.
Love, Love, Love you!


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