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Aleta 25

Aleta 25
On my Birthday!

Worn Out!

Worn Out!
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Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
Look at what I Got! Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dear family,

Okay so first things first...there´s been a change of plans. Since my branch president´s son , who is serving a mission, forgot to tell his family when he´d be calling, so we didn´t know when we could call. So instead we are going to be at the church. We´ve got keys and all and we get to be comfy in the bishops office. So plan on this number not the other, unless you want to talk to people in spanish.... could be interesting. :) So call me at 7pm MY time, that´s 2 pm YOUR time. i hope that works out okay with all festivities. Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I´m excited for your call.
Oh mom, I was eating lunch with a memeber last week, Hermana Luna, she´s great, and she was looking for an important number that she wrote down somewhere. I looked up to see what she was doing, thinking it would be in an address book or something. nope. There she was sitting at the table looking and searching through a couple of beat up envelopes with writing all over. I couldn´t help but giggle a little and think of you :)
I´m glad Jaime liked the painting, if she wants when I get home I´d be happy to paint her something else, that has the stamp of approval on it. :)
Dad, thanks for the advice, everything was fine, I understand your piont of view, no bruised feelings here. It takes more that that to take me down ;)
So this week .... lets see...
This was a harder week for me. I felt like a lot of our time was wasted this week. Then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture and how certain things, were used to set up other events that wouldn´t have happened with out the first falling through. It´s been a faith building week. I´ve learned a lot about service and hard work. Our branch had a missionary activity on Friday and everyone was really excited and had a good time. We only had one family, who are former investigators come.Everyone else was in the ward. They had a talent show and ward dinner. The lame thing was that it was suppose to start at 8, but mormon standard time is even worse here, and it didn´t start till after 9. Well we have to be in our appartment at 9 so we missed out. We saw pictures though and a couple videos. So it ´s okay. We had so many other of our investigators committed to coming, but something always comes up. I´m really starting to see the need for having our investigators fully committed, so that when things do come up they will be able to pull through and keep their word. This is deffinatly something we are trying to work on here in Tigre. We make a lot of set appoinments, but most of the time we can´t find the investigator, they forgot, or are too busy. We are trying to figure out how we can find them.

We had some succes this week with other investigators, one of whom came to CHURCH! Yeah. We prayed what we could do for Fernando so he would come to church this week and a member who lives near him came to mind. So we went and introduced them to eachother, it was great. The member, bore testimony and said he´d pick him up for church and everything. So Frenando came. We talked with him after church and he said, he wasn´t sure what to expect and that it was a sacrifice but he wanted to do it right so he set apart time so he could come to all three hours. He said it was a great expierence and that he had a feeling of peace he´d never felt before. We´re seeing him on Wednesday and we are really excited.So the work in progressing here in Tigre. It´s a great blessing to see miracles like these in peoples´s lives.

As far as festivities go here the big thing in the latin culture is Christmas eve, not Christmas. So we have going over to Presidente Torre´s house on Friday for dinner. We also have zone confrence this week and it´s on the 24th at the mission home. So that´s fun, we get to see Hermana Gulbrandsen. Oh, did you ever add her as a friend on facebook?

So that´s about all I got.

Love you tons!

talk to you on SATURDAY!



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She has Arrived
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