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Aleta 25

Aleta 25
On my Birthday!

Worn Out!

Worn Out!
after pushing the car....okay it may have been slightly exaggerated....(explanation of car in July 18th letter)

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires
Look at what I Got! Aleta Christmas Eve - Beunos Aires

Monday, December 6, 2010

It´s beging to look a lot like Christmas?

Dear Family,
It looks nothing like Christmas here. Hot today, very hot. Please pray that I will not melt.... or something to that effect. It will be much appreciated. Oh but I am slowly turning blond...well my hair gets lighter and my skin gets darker, soon I think i will just be the same color form head to toe. :)
So Dad, thank you for the advice!
Betsy, so good to hear from you, I don´t blame you for not wanting to leave the boat I wouldn´t want to either.
Jack, thanks for the scripture. I´ve had the very same thoughts on prayer before, thanks for reminding me, it´s important to remember.
Mom, it´s never to late to read the books you know, they are in my room on the book shelf if you are interested. HAPPY B-LATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I thought of you all day on Thursday.
OH, we are having a ward activity on the the 17th and I want to make cookies. They don´t really eat cookies here, well they do they are just packaged stuff. yuck. They spend more time on facturas, pastry like delicious things. Anyway, if you could please send me the recipe for your chocolate chip cookies I would be for ever greatful. The one that you sent me in the MTC with the butterscotch it´s my favorite. Oh and if you want the molasas ones too, those were a big hit.
Aunt Janie, thanks for the updates, I really like that every email you send makes some reference to food or cooking. It brings a smile to my face everytime. I can just see you and the kids up there baking away!
So some things that are intersting this week, well Bailando por un Sueño (dancing for a dream) it´s a really big argentine reality show and they did the auditions right out side my appartment on Saturday. All day long. They started at 9 am and ended at 10 pm. The dance that they had to learn to try out is pretty cool though. Don´t worry I took video, we had a prime view. It did make our morning study a little dificult though.
Oh Argetine side note, any one remember ¨jellies¨ those plastic shoes that I LOVED when I was a kid. Well they still wear them here. All females have at least one pair. Awesome!
This week has been really good. We have been talking to every one, we made it a district goal to really try and talk to everyone, we got 8 new investigators this week because of it. They would have just walked right on by. So that´s important, you never know who will want to hear the message of the restored gospel. Plus I´ve had to talk to more people, gulp, in spanish, gulp. It´s been okay though.

I have a request from a few of you, I´ve been having a bit of a difficult time really relating with our investigators and understanding the things that are difficult for them, because I have always done them, or known I should do them, being brought up in the church. If a few of you wouldn´t mind sharing your conversion stories with me, it would really help me, help the work here in Argentina. So if Aunt Janie, Dad, and Jack wouldn´t mind,I´d love to hear your thoughts. And it´s only for my benifit, I won´t share with anyone unless given the okay, I know it´s really personal. If there were anythings that were difficult for you and what helped you get over them. If you don´t want to I understand. If anyone else who joined to church really wants to they can to. Like Dawnstarr :)

Okay I think that´s about it for this week! I love you all!


ps. Mom, if you want to send some pictures of Washington so people can see where I live that would be okay. Oh and it you wanted to print out a few pictures of paintings and send thouse that´d be kay to :) People keep asking.

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